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Name: Andrea

Surname: Rocchietti

Cellphone +39 3456966387

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Location: Turin, Italy

Birth Date 10/06/1988


•Date from 06/2016 today•Main activities and -Sound Designer and Music Composerresponsabilities for the videogame Synthetik-Developer: FlowFire Games-Released: 15/March/2018

•Date from 10/2014 to 03/2016•Main activities and -Sound Designer for the videogameresponsabilities Dungeons and Robots-Developer: Glow Games Studio-Released: 29/February/2016 (early access)

•Date from 7/2014 today•Main activities and -Music Composer and Sound Designerresponsabilities for the videogame Farlight Explorers-Developer: Farlight Studio-Released: 16/March/2015 (early access)

•Date from 5/2014 to 11/2014•Main activities and -Music Composer for the videogameresponsabilities Back to Life 3-Developer: Carlo D’Apostoli Projects-Publisher: Strategy First-Released: 16/December/2014-The same Musics are used for the gamesUnlimited Escape 1/2/3/4-Developer: Carlo D’Apostoli Projects-Publisher: Strategy First-Released: (5/February - 22/April – 21/May) / 2015•Date from 2/2014 to 4/2014•Main activities and -Music Composer for the videogameresponsabilities Back to Life 2-Developer: Carlo D’Apostoli Projects-Publisher: Strategy First-Released: 07/May/2014

•Date from 10/2013 to 01/2014•Main activities and -Music Composer and Sound Designer for tworesponsabilities game development projects of the course“Game Design and Programming” of thePolytechnic of Milan-website:

•Date from 01/2013 to 2/2015• Main activities and -Audio Director for the Video Game WarArm:responsabilities I made sound effects, musics and I didmeeting with programmers for audioimplementation

•Date from 09/2012 today• Main activities and -Audio Engineer for recording, mixing and masteringresponsabilities-Sound Designer, Music Composer-Audio Integration and support for AudioImplementation inside the Game Engine-Service Audio

•Date from 12/2011 to 07/2012• Main activities and -Assistant, Recording & Mixing Engineer,responsabilities Sound Designer for some Music Production in astudio in Turin (IT)-Audio Assistant for RAI for the TV show“Prima della Prima” at Teatro Regio of Turin (IT)-Boom Operator for RAI for the TV show“School Rocks”-Work experience with some Italian artisticproductions in the prestigious London Studios:Abbey Road, Air Studios, Metropolis-F.O.H. and audio services for some live music events

•Date from 02/2010 to 06/2010• Main activities and -F.O.H. at club ” Pronto Soccorso degli Artisti”responsabilities of Moncalieri (IT), recording and mixingof the live events


•Date from 2010 to 2011•Institute -SAE – Milan (IT)•Principal subjects/ -Broadcast, Post Production, Sound Reinforcement,professional skill Sound Synthesis, Midi, Electronics, Psychoacoustics,releated to the study Acoustics, Digital Audio, Mics and Mics Techniques,Recording, Mixing, Editing, Mastering, Wiring,Multichannel•Title of qualification -Audio Engineerawarded

•Date 2009•Instruction -Course for Audio Technician in Turin (IT)• Principal subjects / -Hard disk recording, Editing, Mixingprofessional skill Sound Reinforcementreleated to the study

•Date from 2007 to 2009•Institute -University of Turin (IT): DAMS

•Date from 2002 to 2007• Institute -ITI Internazionale – Turin (IT)• Principal subjects / -Eletctronics, Electrotechnical, Informatics,professional skill Telecommunicationsreleated to the study•Qualification Awarded -Expert in electronics and telecommunications


•Native Language -Italian•Other Language -English•Reading Ability -optimal•Writing Skills -optimal•Spoken Ability -good


Pro Tools 10/11 HDXLogicMax/MSp6WwiseFMODUnreal Engine 4UDKUnity-HardWare :1 ProTools HDX PCIe Card1 HD I/O 16x16 AD DA ConverterTube-Tech SMC 2BAcces Virus TI2Doepfer Dark Energy Mk 1Eurorack ModulesMacPro e PcHuge Collection of Plug-In for Signal Processing,Samplers and Soft Synths

•In my Experience I used:-Analog Mixer as Neve Vr Legend, SSL 4000 G+-Avid digital controller as D Command, Control 24,Euphonix Mc Control and Mc Mix-Outboard: Neve, API, TC Eletronic, Lexicon,Thermionic Culture, Chameleon Labs, SSL, Elysia,TL Audio, Avid, RME, Manley-Microphones from Neuman, Akg, Shure,Sennheiser, Shoeps and vintage mics as aTelefunken U67 of the 1963-Monitor: Adam, Genelec, Yamaha, KRK, Mackie-Knwoledge of the C language-Technical Knwoledge for PC hardware


-I participated in numerous Workshop where thestaff showed me in dettails audio equipment of thefollowing brands: Alan Smart Research, Maselec,API, Neve, Thermionic Culture, Shadow HillIndustries, Retro Instrument, GML, Antony deMaria Labs, Inward Connection, Focus Rite, Dolby-I play guitar from 16 years and drum from a bit oftime•I keep myself constantly updated about:-software and hardware for music production- video games development technologies- technologies for Pc and Mac-musical instruments-I’m a studio owner. The studio is build with highstandards, for recording, mixing and masteringin a flat frequency response environment, equippedwith the best audio gear

I authorize the processing of personal data contained in my curriculum vitae onthe basis of art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003.